The 3 most famous Asian dishes you’ve probably never tried

by Donald Gonzalez
The 3 most famous Asian dishes you’ve probably never tried

Asia is known for their various influences on flavor that it’s hard to decide on the many dishes. From fried octopus to live frogs, we’ve got the three most famous Asian dishes you’ve probably never tried or even heard of.

Fish Balls


For Asians, fish balls are like the Hot Dogs of Asia. Contrary to the name itself, fish balls are not fish testicles. Fish balls are pressed or pulverized fish meat that can be eaten on a stick or found in soup. You will usually see fish balls in most countries as it is often sold on the streets. Fish balls are served fried, cooked or steamed as they are a popular budget-friendly snack.

Hainanese Chicken


Stemmed from Malaysia, China, Singapore and Thailand, this simple dish is boiled plan chicken that is served with rice and additional toppings such as eggs, cucumber, and/or lettuce. Hainanese chicken can be found in soup, broth or entirely on its own. It is usually boiled as a whole chicken, complete with bones.

Tom Yum


Tom Yum originated in Thailand but is now a traditional meal in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. Tom yum can be eaten as a soup, appetizer, or main dish. Most individuals like to pour the soup over rice. You can find different types of seafood and meats, especially fish, prawns, or squid. Chicken is even added too along with oyster mushrooms and vegetables.

Keep these three delicious foods in mind next time you travel around Asia. Whether it’s fried, grilled, steamed or barbecued, don’t let anyone spoil your dinner!

What is your favorite Asian dish? What ethnic dishes have you tried?