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4 unknown facts about Japanese food

by Donald Gonzalez
4 unknown facts about Japanese food

Japan is all about using the best quality ingredients and keeping them as simple as possible. If you’re looking for adventure or simply love exploring new food, Japan should be at the top you’re your world food travel list.

Here are four unknown facts about Japanese food.

Japanese Cuisine is one of three food traditions that is recognized by the United Nations

UNESCO, the United Nation’s organization of culture, has added traditional Japanese Cuisine into the Cultural Heritage list. This list is meant to preserve the way of eating which is vital for the survival of the culture. Japan is only one of three food traditions including France and Mexico.

Tokyo is home to some of the best restaurants in the world

Tokyo alone is home to fourteen Michelin three-star restaurants. This means Tokyo has more top-rated restaurants than any other city, let alone country in the world.

Japanese isn’t exactly Vegetarian-Friendly

While most meals in Japan include plenty of vegetables, it is quite difficult to find a meal that is completely vegetarian. Despite their high ratio of plant-based meals, most traditional dishes are usually cooked in fish broth or sprinkled with bonito flakes. Travelers that are allergic to seafood or avoid seafood due to religious reasons may have a difficult time.

Local markets feature slimy sea creatures

Local markets in Japan feature slimy sea creatures, slugs, octopus, and even large tuna eyes. Traditionally, Japan’s culture is to eat all parts of the sea creatures. Most are even eaten alive.

Dining in Japan can be expensive, especially if you plan on eating at all the hot spots. But keep in mind that there are still fantastic options for those on a budget. Local ramen shops also provide great quality dishes at a low budget price.

Which Japanese foods have you tried recently?